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lexicalise, lexicalize - make or coin right into a phrase or accept a completely new phrase into the lexicon of the language; "The concept expressed by German `Gemuetlichkeit' will not be lexicalized in English"

John by no means lists every one of the Twelve Disciples and names no less than just one disciple (Nathanael) whose title is just not present in the synoptics; Nathanael appears to parallel the apostle Bartholomew found in the synoptics, as equally are paired with Philip inside the respective gospels.

Locke’s insight was that ahead of we will examine the globe and our entry to it we have to know some thing about ourselves. We have to know how we purchase expertise. We also need to have to find out which parts of inquiry we're like minded to and that are epistemically closed to us, that is certainly, which parts are this sort of that we could not know them even in theory. We further more need to know very well what awareness is made up in. In step with these questions, within the quite outset of the Essay Locke writes that it's his “Function enquire into the initial, Certainty, and Extent of humane Expertise; alongside one another, with the Grounds and Degrees of Perception, Opinion, and Assent.

During his 1st summertime within the Sierra to be a shepherd, Muir wrote subject notes that emphasized the part the senses Participate in in human perceptions of your surroundings. In accordance with Williams, he speculated that the whole world was an unchanging entity which was interpreted through the Mind throughout the senses, and, writes Muir, "If the creator ended up to bestow a fresh list of senses on us .

Miller writes that what was primary about his writings wasn't their amount, but their "quality". He notes that they have experienced a "Long lasting impact on American tradition in assisting to build the need and will to guard and preserve wild and natural environments."[17]:173

As noted by New Testament scholar Jerome H. Neyrey, SJ: "Although its scathing portrayal in the Jews has opened John to costs of anti-Semitism, a cautious looking through reveals 'the Jews' to get a category designation, not a spiritual or ethnic grouping; as opposed to denoting adherents to Judaism normally, the expression largely refers back to the hereditary Temple spiritual authorities.

John Shelby Spong has argued the "I Am" statements are in reference to YHWH, and interprets John 12:forty four ("He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that despatched me") as indicating that Jesus expressly denied remaining God.[37]

deictic, deictic word - a phrase specifying identification or spatial or temporal spot with the viewpoint of a speaker or hearer within the context in which the conversation happens; "words and phrases that introduce particulars on the speaker's and hearer's shared cognitive discipline to the message"- R.Rommetveit

To generally be persuaded of One more's sincerity and act in accord with his / her statement: We took them at their word visit the site that the task could well be completed by the due date.

guideline phrase, guideword, catchword - a term printed at the very best of the web site of a dictionary or other reference guide to point the 1st or previous item on that site

repeated, or in the position to repeat something, exactly in the initial terms. a word-fantastic functionality; He really wants to be term-best by up coming 7 days's rehearsal. woordperfek قادِر على تَكْرار الكَلِمات نَفْسِها запаметил точно textualmente perfeito textově dokonalý rollen-, vokabelfest ordret citerende; udenadskundende ακριβής στην αποστήθιση correcto hasta la última palabra sõnatäpne کلمه پرداز سریع sanatarkka sur le bout des doigts מְדַקלֵם מוּשלָם सुकंठस्थ koji zna ulogu točno napamet szerepét tökéletesen tudó sempurna orðréttur perfetto せりふの完全な (문서, 교정쇄가) 완벽한, 정확한 nepriekaištingas, gerai įsimenantis precīzs (vārdos); teikts vārds vārdā hafal woordgetrouw ordrett, som en kan utenat mający opanowaną rolę واژه جوړونكي textualmente perfeito pe de rost знающий наизусть textovo dokonalý ki obvlada besedilo koji zna tekst napamet absolut säker, perfekt, utantill ถูกต้องทุกคำ .

He was a murderer from the start and doesn't stand in the truth, due to the fact there is not any real truth in him." In John eight:38 and 11:53, Jews are depicted as wishing to get rid of Jesus. Even so, Carroll cautions this and comparable statements during the Gospel of Matthew and Paul's To start with Letter to the Thessalonians really should be seen as "proof not of Jew hatred but of sectarian conflicts between Jews" within the early years in the Christian church. [eighteen]

1. A sound or a combination of Seems, or its illustration in creating or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a which means and will consist of only one morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.

to maintain or fail to help keep one's guarantee. hou/verbreek jou woord, 'n belofte hou/verbreek يُحافِظ على وَعْدِه спазвам/не спазвам обещанието си manter/quebrar a sua palavra (ne)dodržet slovo sein Wort halten/brechen holde sit ord; ikke holde sit ord αθετώ το λόγο μου cumplir/faltar su palabra sõna pidama, sõna murdma به عهد خود وفا نکردن pitää, pettää lupaus tenir/manquer à (sa) parole לְקַיֵים הַבטָחָה वादा निभाना या तोड़ना održati megtartja v. megszegi a szavát mengikuti/kehilangan jejak halda/svíkja loforð (mantenere le promesse); (non mantenere le promesse) 約束を守る[] 약속을 지키다(어기다) laikytis žodžio, sulaužyti žodį turēt/lauzt doto vārdu simpankan atau bocorkan rahsia seseorang zijn woord houden, breken holde/bryte et løfte dotrzymać słowa, złamać słowo د خپل وعده ته وفا کول manter/quebrar a sua palavra a-şi ţine/a nu-şi ţine cuvântul сдержать, нарушить слово dodržať / nedodržať slovo držati/ prelomiti besedo održati obećanje hålla /bryta ett löfte ผิดสัญญา sözünü tut(ma)mak (未)遵守諾言 порушити обіцянку; дотриматися обіцянки وعدہ وفا کرنا یا توڑ دینا giữ lời hứa 遵守诺言/失言

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